“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16



Thanksgiving came a little early for 15 families chosen by the social workers at Cloud School.  St Andrews provided 15 turkeys, 15 10-pound bags of potatoes, and 15 sacks of canned goods, stuffing, brown sugar and even tortillas.  The bags were topped off with an orange pumpkin (made by St. Andrews member Janet Crosby) to decorate their holiday table.

Members of St Andrews were there when the bags were handed out.  There were tears of joy when they were received.  We were able to tell the family that this was a gift from St Andrews and from Jesus.  The social workers were able to translate what we said.

The food was so appreciated.  One mother had just been notified she was laid off.  Another has not been able to work since her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.  She takes her to all her chemotherapy sessions and needs to be there to help support her when there are side effects.  Another father has been in the hospital and no longer has a paycheck to bring home.

Our gifts touched many lives in ways we do not know.  Thank you for your generosity.  It made a difference.



Cloud School had contacted St Andrews for help with their Family Fun Night in November.  They wanted to provide hot dogs and fixings to all who attended.  

The Family Fun Night is a chance for parents to come to school with their children and learn games and projects they can do with their children (with educational benefits).

Our church ended up providing over 350 hot dogs.  And guess what – the parents and students stayed to enjoy them.  The principal and teachers were so pleased.  Parents met together in the cafeteria.  They talked.  It was a community!  This was the goal.  Cloud hopes to have more times to share and to become a gathering place.

Thank you to St Andrews for helping it happen.hotdog-2


Pastor Duncan and members from St. Andrews Lutheran Church serve up some hotdogs!








Members from St. Andrews Lutheran Church were at the Rainbows United Kid’s Cove campus lending a helping hand outdoors to “Stain the Fence.”