Extending Hospitality

First Steps:

  • Host a dinner party for friends.
  • Offer to host the next extended family gathering at your house.
  • Drop-in on a friend or relative's home unannounced. If you need an excuse, bake some fresh cookies and bring them over as an unexpected treat.
  • Keep track of every person who comes into your house each month on a household calendar. Just being more mindful of the people God is bringing within the orbit of your household can help.
  • Have everyone in your household make a "relationship map" of their lives: drawing a circle in the center of the paper for themselves and then drawing a line out from them to the various friends, acquaintances, and neighbors they have around them. Even this small task can get them thinking about the wider world around them.
  • Pray regularly for some of the people on your relationship maps. You could even mark on the map when you've prayed for someone and continue this until you've prayed for everyone on your maps.
  • Try walking next door to borrow, rather than heading to the store to purchase, the next time you need an ingredient for a recipe.

Next Steps:

  • Start throwing a specific kind of party and make a tradition of it (a New Year's Eve party, Super Bowl party, themed birthday parties - even for the adults in your household).
  • Buy a guest book that everyone who comes into your home can sign. Pray about a goal for how many guests you want to sign in the next twelve months.
  • Take regular dinner parties a step further by always inviting one or two new people every time you have friends over. You could look on your relationship map and choose someone you've never had over before.
  • Pick a day of the week when you will always stop by someone else's house to simply check-in to see how they are doing. Again, bringing fresh cookies never hurts.
  • Organize a game night or a movie night and invite widely - try to get every seat in your home filled.
  • Think creatively about a person you already know who you could ivinte over to help you meet a household need, rather than simply paying a professional to take care of it.
  • Offer to roll up your sleeves and help someone with a household need.
  • Choose a young family that might be overwhelmed with the frenzy of raising kids and look for ways to bless them as a guest in their household.

Bigger Steps:

  • Buy a bigger table and more chairs.
  • Rearrange your home to be more hospitable. You don't have to have a huge home to do this. College students in loft dorm beds often move desks into closets so that they could regularly host more people.
  • Move to a home that is more hospitable.
  • Invite your mom and stepdad to move in!
  • Become a state-approved foster family.
  • Host an exchange student.
  • Informally adopt a young family from your church or neighborhood.
  • Informally adopt an elderly person from your church or neighborhood.
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